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See the Legion’s safety page HERE.

The Importance of Riding Unimpaired by Alcohol or Other Drugs
Research has shown that having any alcohol in one’s body increases the chance of crashing by five times, a BAC greater than 0.05% increases the risk of crashing about forty-fold, and 46 percent of all motorcyclists killed in crashes were using alcohol. Riders should never mix alcohol with riding. Learn how alcohol and motorcycles kill!
Riding Safely with a Passenger on Your Motorcycle
Many of us frequently put a passenger behind us when we ride.  Often those passengers are loved ones, good friends, and neighbors.  Both the rider and the passenger have responsibilities to ride safely.  For the safety of you and your passenger, be sure to review the Guidelines For Riding With A Passenger On Your Motorcycle.
Formations, Separation, and Hand Signals for Safe Group Riding
As we shine our bikes for the riding season and the rides, runs, rallys, and other motorcycle events begin to fill our calendars, it is a good idea to also polish safety practices that may have also become a bit tarnished during the colder months.  The use and understanding of formations, spacing and separation, and the Standard Hand Signals for group riding are such practices.  Be sure to review the Guide to Group Riding.
Spring Inspection and Maintenance
As you disconnect your battery chargers and brush away the dust from months of cold-weather storage, please remember that this is also a good time to give your machine a complete inspection, top to bottom, before you crank up and ride, even if you only plan to ride as far as your favorite bike shop for spring maintenance and inspections.  It’s that important.
Remember T-CLOCS?
T – Tires and wheels
C – Controls
L – Lights
O – Oil
C – Chassis
S – Stands
Do yourself and your loved ones a favor.  Spend a couple hours with your bike this weekend, using the T-CLOCS Checklist as a guide. You’ll ride safer and with more confidence as a result.